Health & Safety

Triple Threat Sports is conscious of the well-being of all campers.  As such Triple Threat Sports staff enforces the following guidelines to ensure camper health and safety at all times.  If you have questions or concerns about or in addition to the following guidelines, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Food & Beverage

In order to ensure campers individual dietary restrictions are not compromised, campers

  • are not permitted to bring nuts or any products containing nuts
  • are not permitted to bring peanuts or any products containing peanuts
  • must bring their own snacks, drinks, and lunch
  • are not permitted to eat other campers' food
  • are not permitted ot drink other campers' beverages
  • must clean up after themselves following all snacks and meals
  • must wash their hands and face before and after all snacks and meals

Proper Attire

In order to ensure their own safety and comfort, campers should

  • wear proper, comfortably laced footwear appropriate for the activities they will be participating in
  • always bring a second pair of shoes for outdoor play and excursions
  • wear appropriate clothing for sports and activities they will be participating in
  • wear/bring appropriate clothing for the weather/elements if they wish to participate in outdoor play and excursions
  • always bring a hat and sunglasses
  • always bring sunscreen and bug spray*
  • never wear jewelry

* We provide some sunscreen and bugspray for campers who do not have their own

Rules for Safe Play

In order to ensure safe, fair, and fun competition, campers must always

  • never wear hats or sunglasses inside the gym
  • stay on their feet when playing in the gym and keep their feet on the floor (no climbing)
  • listen to their counselors and coaches
  • stay in the gym unless otherwise instructed
  • report any bullying or mistreatment of themselves or other campers to the coaches or counselors*
  • follow the rules and guidelines of games and activities
  • keep their hands to themselves
  • show respect for other campers and counselors
  • stop and listen for instructions when they hear the whistle

* Bullying, name-calling, and other forms of mistreatment are grounds for immediate expulsion from camp and parents/guardians will be contacted promptly.

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"Triple Threat is awesome! I’ve made so many great friends and have so much fun with all the sports and activities that I hate leaving at the end of the day. Plus the gear is really cool!" - Jace Cioffi, 9-year-old student, Charlotte, NC

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