Speed & Agility

A Triple Threat Sports, there is a focus on fundamentals and overall physical fitness first and foremost.  Withought an initial focus on skills and proper speed and agility training, Coach believes that athletes will not reach their full potential.  As such, he encourage athletes of all ages and abilites to maximize their full potential by:

  • learning proper stretching techniques
  • developing correct running mechanics and form
  • focusing on properly progressing through the skills ladder
  • participating in speed and agility drills

After Coach helps athletes develop in these areas, he moves on to more advanced "explosive" drills that often include instruction in footwork and hand-eye coordination. 

Contact Triple Threat Sports for more information about how speed and agility training can help your child or teen become a better overall athlete and competitor.

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"Our kids have enjoyed Triple Threat and the leadership and guidance Coach McDonough provides with such a positive teaching style, all while making the camp experience fun. Triple Threat basketball camp is a must for our family!" - Stacy Baker

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