Triple Threat Sports offers private coaching in basketball for elementary school, middle school, high school, and college athletes looking to:

  • hone ball handling skills
  • improve their defensive footwork and rebounding
  • increase shot percentage
  • develop and perfect shooting form
  • make the jump from one position to another
  • become better overall team players

Coach McDonough is a firm believer that the most successful basketball players are those who focus on ball-handling first and progress to additional areas of the sport only after they have mastered this skill.  "Learning to comfortably and confidently handle the basketball while maintaining peripheral court vision is crucial," Coach says, "You cannot succeed in other areas of the game and become a valuable team player until you master this fundamental skill."

Private sessions are personalized to capitalize and build upon individual mentee's strengths and help them develop weaker areas of their game as well.  Workouts often include a focus on:

  • one and two ball dribbling and ball-handling
  • shooting off the catch
  • jab and shot fake
  • explosion to the basket
  • shot evaluation and refinement
  • free throw drills
  • positive attitude and reinforcement of team-player mentality

Coach frequently attends mentee's games to track their progress.  Next time you're on the court, see if you can spot him in the stands!

Set up a meeting with Coach to discuss a personalized basketball program he can develop for you (or your child/teen) by contacting him here.

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"The camp has made me a better player on and off the court. I would recommend a Triple Threat basketball camp to anyone who is interested in becoming a more mature player." - Francie Ettori

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