Baseball & Golf


Triple Threat Sports offers private coaching in baseball for elementary school, middle school, high school, and college athletes looking to:

  • learn and perfect proper throwing motion
  • understand and utilize good fielding position and technique
  • develop a solid batting stance and swing
  • grasp and hone proper pitching mechanics (including full wind-up and stretch positions)

Coach McDonough believes in the power of perfecting fundmanetals at an early age in order to reach a higher level of play later in your athletic career.

Contact Triple Threat Sports to set up a meeting and discuss a personalized coaching approach that will work best for you (or your child/teen) and remember to keep an eye in the stands - Coach may  be coming to your next game!


Coach McDonough also has partnered with Airport Driving Range on route 7b in Clarendon Vermont to provide one on one fundamental golf instruction.  Sign up today to work on you swing mechanics and the basics of the golf swing like proper stance & posture, direction & aiming to your target, holding the club and solid grip, proper takeaway and turn, and finally rotating and fully extending through the ball for a great finish.  Coach McDonough looks forward to teaching young golfers the mental aspects of golf that are truly funda-MENTAL when learning this challenging and rewarding lifesport.

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"Charles is a wonderful coach. He takes time out of his day to help others get better. Charles has made me a much better player, and I have improved so much working with him." - Elise Magro

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