Welcome to Triple Threat Sports

Dear Parents & Campers

I’m delighted to welcome you to another year of camps at Triple Threat Sports.

Every year, we strive to provide the best camps and coaching for you during winter, spring, and summer breaks and all year long. Our programs are structured to provide opportunities for campers to get the maximum enjoyment out of their experience while at the same time growing as individuals and athletes. We believe sport and play are tools with which to learn life lessons and values including accountability, respect, fairness, healthy competition, teamwork, and individuality.

Our programs are inclusive of all abilities ranging from skilled competitive team athletes to those who prefer more recreational-style games. We seek to challenge our campers on a daily basis to reach their full potential as athletes and individuals.

We hope you’ll join us for one of our camps or programs this year, and let us show you what a difference we can make in your life on and off the court and field.

See you out there,

Coach McDonough

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"Triple Threat is the first basketball camp I ever went to. Now I go as often as I can and enjoy going. Coach McDonough taught me a lot of different skills and is a big reason why I love to play basketball." - Tommy Baker, 6th grade, Rutland Town

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