The Triple Threat Approach

Triple Threat Fundamentals and Combo Camps are structured to help campers learn and retain information and skills through a series of short, digestible explanations with corresponding demonstrations. 

A typical lesson will be structured in the following way:

  • Quick 3-5 minute lecture about a certain skill/activity
  • Demonstration by Coach McDonough
  • Camper demonstration
  • Quick critique of camper demonstration
  • Active practice of demonstrated skill/activity with individual and personalized feedback
  • Group review of skill/activity with counselor feedback on what was done well and what could be improved

The process continues as campers progress from one fundamental to another.

This building block method of learning appeals to every camper regardless of their preferred learning style - listening, watching, practicing, and/or questioning - by providing them with the same information through a variety of approaches.

Awards & Rewards

We believe that daily verbal encouragement and applause are longer-lasting and more effective rewards for campers than the trophies or medals handed out at other camps.  The pride campers feel from knowing that they have earned the respect of their peers and counselors is a strong motivator and more fulfilling than a physical award.

Campers are awarded not for their athletic performance and prowess, but rather for displaying a positive attitude, good hustle, hard work ethic, and leadership.

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"Triple threat was a great experience. I learned a lot about playing basketball. I also liked learning how to play defense very well." - Laurel Baker, 4th grade, Rutland Town

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