About Coach McDonough

Coach’s Life on the Court & the Field

Coach Charles McDonough was raised in Rutland, Vermont - the son of a baseball and junior varsity basketball coach - Martin McDonough. He commonly jokes that his daycare was the gym or infield and his father’s players were his life coaches. His athletic-centric upbringing led him to love all sports and the spirit of competition offered by them.

As a high school freshman, he played Varsity baseball and basketball and as a senior went on to be named the Naismith VT Basketball Player of the Year and 1990 USA Today Athlete of the Year.

He later earned a scholarship to play basketball at the University of Vermont and played for 5 years (red-shirt first year) with the team. During his final season in 1995, he was named captain and received the “Sixth Man” award and in 1996 he became the Graduate Assistant Coach - leading the team in strength and conditioning.

After college, Coach McDonough received a contract to play basketball in the eastern United States for a Norwegian basketball team, Bærums Verk.  After his contract ended, he traveled extensively to attend tryouts in Europe and eventually moved to the Netherlands to pursue an international basketball career. In 1997 he moved to Oberhausen, Germany and signed a 10-month contract to play and act as assistant coach for the Ruhr Devils, a German Professional League team that Matt Wenstrom (UNC/Celtics) and Billy McCaffrey (Duke) also played for.

His experience in the Netherlands and Germany led to more travels, an overall zest for life, and the understanding the sports can transcend language and cultural differences in a way that many activities cannot.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Vermont (1994)
  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Vermont (1996)

Achievements, Awards, & Accomplishments

  • 1990 Vermont Naismith Basketball Player of the Year
  • 1990 USA Today Vermont Athlete of the Year
  • 1990-1995 played basketball for the University of Vermont (redshirt first year)
  • 1994/95 North Atlantic Conference Academic Award
  • 1994/95 UVM Men’s Academic Award
  • 1995 UVM Basketball Sixth Man Award
  • 1995 UVM Men’s Basketball Team Captain
  • 1996 NCAA Graduate Assistant Scholarship
  • 1996 UVM Men’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach

Life Off the Court & Field

Coach McDonough’s love of travel has brought him to over 30 countries around the world and his love of athletics has given him a universal language to communicate with those he meets along the way. From golfing in Ireland and snowboarding in the Austrian Alps to pick-up soccer games with kids in Nepal, Egypt, and northern Thailand, he has learned that sports can help travelers experience the world and different cultures in a deeper way than the average tourist. He uses this world view and experience to shape the way in which he coaches campers.

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"Triple threat was a great experience. I learned a lot about playing basketball. I also liked learning how to play defense very well." - Laurel Baker, 4th grade, Rutland Town

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