Why Personal Training Works

There has been an uptick in the amount of one-on-one training we are doing with local basketball players and we would like to think its helping each athlete have a better overall experience when on the court.

Here are a few reasons we think one-on-one training is beneficial:

Insight - Spending numerous hours in a gym with an athlete one-on-one allows a Coach and athlete to garner a rapport. This is crucial in player development. We like to think our training facility is a safe space, a place each athlete can truly work on aspects of their game that they feel need tweaking. We feel it is imparative for athletes to take part in their development off the court too. We often ask our players to come to sessions with a game plan of what they want to work on and structure our program to suit their needs.


Repetition - It's true basketball is a team sport but that doesn't mean every individual player out there can solely rely on teammates to perform. Every athlete must push themselves to be the best they can be. Key to this is repetition. It's one thing to shoot around at home but when in a controlled environment with a skilled Coach monitoring the shot, form and consistency true results can happen. 


Individual Attention - We think this is key. Private Training allows an athlete to be vulnerable in a safe space. It allows a Coach to find weakenesses and developing those with a strategized plan. We evaluate every player wherever they are at to ensure a personalized approach to their development and success. 


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"Triple Threat is the first basketball camp I ever went to. Now I go as often as I can and enjoy going. Coach McDonough taught me a lot of different skills and is a big reason why I love to play basketball." - Tommy Baker, 6th grade, Rutland Town

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